Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 13

I'm having a hard time thinking about him and talking about him today. There was a time where I couldn't stop thinking/talking about him, but today I just didn't want to uncover that part of me. Lots of things make me think of him, but the words just wouldn't come out.

My friends and I went out for dinner and yogurt tonight. I almost felt like nothing had changed... except for those moments when I was reminded of him and then I just kept those thoughts to myself. It's like... when you're happy, you want to share that happiness with your favorite person. If you can't be with your favorite person, you almost don't want to be happy. Almost feel guilty for having a happy moment without them. Sigh. Not everyday is like this. And I'm sorry I only seem to blog when I'm having a particularly emotional moment.

I did an exercise video last night. I used to do it in the living room in Texas and he'd watch me. Sometimes he'd say I looked so "cute" when I exercise. I think that's code for "ridiculous" but it becomes cute when it's your favorite person doing it.

I've been keeping busy. Lots of paperwork and organizational things to take care of before I register for classes next week. I will have a very full day tomorrow as well. I should shower and sleep now.

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